Bird Tattoos-

Good Morning Guys! :) Vas up? ... Yesterday I said: " Tomorrow I'll make a post for birds" Today--> I'm doing it! :) Happy? I hope so. Well, it's a beautiful morning, fog came to visit me this morning but she went time ago :)
As I was saying, birds are the theme today. If you want to get a tattoo of a bird you should know: they represent the journey of life, and it's associated with women. They symbolize freedom, too. But all depends on the bird. :)
I hope you enjoy this post and I hope this serve to you! :)

I'll start with little and black birds... some of them are feather that turn into birds. It means "Metamorphosis", like a caterpillar changing to butterfly. Beautiful meaning! :)
 There are so many types of birds, so many ways to express something... Cages, feathers, cables, ropes, an anchor... Or just flying flock..-

Then , we have swallows, than have a big meaning for sailors... These birds were the first signal of dry land.-

Then we have the rest of the birds, parrots, owls, crowns, pigeons, phoenixes... whatever.
One of each birds have a different meaning-- the owl may symbolize mystery, knowledge-- a crow is a symbol of black and dark magic-- the parrot is called the bird of love-- a pigneon symbolizes peace and a life after dead--  here I leave some examples! :)

This is an special tattoo of a swallow-->

Did you like it? Tell me!
Well, I didn't finish..  leave here some famous with birds tattoos! :) Tell me which one you like! :)

-Justin Bieber has a small bird tattoed on his hip-
-Justin Bieber, the singer-

-These birds are from a famous singer-
-Yes, this singer. Demi Lovato-

-This is Harry, from One Direction-

-This swallow are tattooed on Harry's body-

-This pigneon is tattoed on the arm of another One Direction boy, guess who---

-Yes! On Louis' arm-
-Some people say he tattoed that pigneon thinking on Kevin... If you're directioner you should know who's Kevin-

Thanks for reading me today! Comment and tell me what do you want me to do for next post! Enjoy vacation! See you soon! Love you!!  :)

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