Anchor Tattoos-

 Good Morning Sweet California! How are you? I hope you're fine! :) Well, i've being bussy and I couldn't write for a couple of weeks but now I'm here...and ready! :) --Thank you sooo much for the 1166 views to my blog! Man! That's incredible! Thanks!--

An anchor tattoo means hope, strength, stability, tranquility, stand firm against adversity and defend our ideals and beliefs firmly. Early Christians associated the anchor with the Cross of Christ, sailors associated it with the sea...there are so many acceptions and meanings :)

Well, I'm going to start now with the simplest tattoo designs...->
 You know...they are simple but there are more elements on the tattoo.


 Now let's go to something more personal...when I was searching these tattoos I saw lots of flowers around the anchors, so I decided to give that type of design and special part of my post...here it is!

Did you liked it? Then take a look down here! ;) -Infinites, bows, hearts, a girl...you'll see!

Now it's time for the RANDOM TATTOO SECTION!!! Wuuuh!! Yeah!! ;) Stars, compasses, messages... a little bit of everything...

And now, finally, celebrities who has an anchor tattoo! Yes! It's been a looooong time without this section...no one had pumpkin tattoos, footprint tattoos... I kinda missed this :)

-Miley Cyrus has an  anchor tattoo-

-Lady Gaga has another one-

-Kate Moss has one on the same part of the body that Miley-

-How could I forget about this guy? He loves sailor style tattoos. I'm going to make an "special" for him as I did with Matthew Fox-
Well, folks, this is all I can give you today! Have a great, great awesome morning and don't forget to comment! ;) Thank you so much for everything! Love you guys! :)