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Good Morning sweet California! How are you in this lovely morning? I'm good, happy. Well, I want to write. There was a lot of time without writing...I missed it! Well, you already know I'm back from before (I posted the pumpkins thing yesterday)...but I'm so happy about that I can't stop saying it...;) I got something to say before start this post...-->

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! for the 370 views in Dog Tattoos-. Oh man! That's AWESOME! Thank you, thank you! I couldn't believe it when I saw it! It's AmaZing!

Well, leaving back the cheesy part of the post...Footprints babe! I promised this post time agooo! I got this on "draft" and I decided to give it a try! :) Enjoy!

There isn't a special meaning for footprints tattoos...it depends of the kind of footprint you choose for the tattoo...I leave here some examples :) Enjoy it!

Let's start with human footprints. They are usually baby's footprints but there are different things too. You'll see...I added hand prints too..:)

Now it's time to animal footprints ;) Let's start with dog footprints...they are cute as tattoos, that for sure, but it have a deep meaning: you might like dogs, you love animals, you had a dog (and you tattoo a paw to remember it), you were born on one of the chinese dog year...there are so many things...choose what you like and if you wanna know about something special write me! ;)

To be honest with you...I don't really know if they are DOG footprints or CAT footprints...I think there is a little of everything :) If you liked one and you wanna know more about it (if it's dog's or cat's footprint) tell me!

Well now it's time for felines! Tigers, cats, lions...All that kind! Enjoy:)

 Did you like it? Well, there is more! What about BIRD footprints? I put here some of them...very simple ones, so if you are interested in something more deep about bird footprints leave me a message ;)

Now let's go to bear paws and footprints..

-This is a PANDA footprint, with its peculiar fingers-

 And the last part of the post: Random Footprints! :) Yeeh! What am I waiting for? -->

-I think this is a RAT footprint. Not sure.-

-I don't know what those are...I just don't..Maybe from a horse?-


-More RAT footprints-

-IGUANA footprints-

-Men I don't have any idea about this one...it could be a panda or...nothing?-

-Obviously,  RAT footprints...and a tail!-

Hey! I hope you liked my post and I hope it helped you to decide your tattoo...If you have any footprint tattoo, talk to me, send me a picture, whatever. I'm super-super open to suggestions! :) Don't be shy...

Well, I finished my drafts and now I have to start working from scratch with my new post. I know I said it a million times, but please talk to me about your tastes on tattoos and I'll post something about it!---Leaving all that behind, I have to announced that my next post will be about ANCHORS!!! Do you like it?
I do love maritime tattoos: swallows, anchors, starfishes, wheels, boats, compasses... <3<3 So maybe I'll work about it for a while...if you don't stop me! ;)

It's being a pleasure doing this post from my computer in my house in Sacramento...and I really appreciate each of your views to this blog (971, for the moment;) I love you guys! Thank you so much! :)

See you!

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