Star Tattoos-

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Well, today I'm gonna talk about star tattoos. They represent a lot of things, depending of the type of star...
But they, usually are a symbol of truth, spirit and hope. It embodies the concept of "divine spark" that is whitin each of us or it can symbolize the fight against the darkness and unknown. 
So let's start! I'll start with the simple part of the post...

...The five-pointed star.
Small, or not; colourful or black&white...Take a look!

-Black and white->
Sometimes the simpler is the best--

-Colourful Stars!-->
Each one is unique. Enjoy!

-One of these starts is differrent, special..-->-

 Those stars are very simple and common. I want something with a meaning... What about a nautical star??
They represent the United States armed forces... But they are a beautiful way to be different.

-This is not exactly the nautical star, but it's similar-

 There are another type of stars, the superspecial ones--> You give them their meaning-
Sun , moon, music, love, skulls, whatever...-

-This is a special place to get tattoed-

-You can tattoo your star with soem decorations-
-This one too-

Some famous people have a star tattoed. Here I leave some examples...

-Rihanna has stars on his back-
-Rihanna is a pop singer with her own style-

-This arm is from Harry Styles, and there is his star-
-As you can see he have two stars

-This is Harry, from One Direction-

-This girl is Kat Von D, a tattoo artist-
-She has stars on his forehead and cheek-

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If you have some tattoo and you want me to post it I will. Send me it to my email and i'l make a section for you! :) Thanks for everything!

P.D.: Tomorrow I'll make a section for BIRDS!! :) I think so... Well I always choose everything by RANDOM! More excitement!
See you guys! Love ya!

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