Horseshoe Tattoos-

Good Morning. -Nice wheather today !-- :) Right? Well, today I'll talk about Horseshoes, yeah, Horseshoes... Well, horseshoe tattoos.
If you wanna a tattoo of this metal thing, you should know what it means: It has been taken as an amulet or talisman of protection, able to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck or protection to its wearer. A horseshoe with the ends up is seen as a "container" that captures good luck, in the same way a horseshoe with the ends down acts as an "umbrella" delivering us of bad luck.
If you really want to get tattoed a horseshoe but you don't have a clear idea I can help! :) Let's start! :)

There's always simple tattoos, without decorations around, no letters, no flowers, no stars, no cards...
Here they are some examples... some of them are simple and some of them have something special.

Then we have the kind of tattooes with decorations around--
Shamrocks, hearts, dices, cards, "luck"... just to make us more lucky

Do you like it? :) I hope so. There is a weird tattoo, most of the people prefer another things but it has its charm. :) There a couple of famous girls that have a horseshoe tattooed on their body...

-Amy Winehouse had a horseshoe-
-I hope she's resting in peace-
-Scarlett Johansson has this tattoo-

-She's a great actress-

Well, thanks for reading me! I'll come tomorrow :)
Have a AWESOME day for me, okey? :) Enjoy whatever the life give you.

Bye, Valkirye:)

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