Pumpkin tattoos-

Hey there people! I'm back! I've been bussy since September...I couldn't find time till today: I was lied on my bed...relaxing ;) and this blog came to my mind...And I said: Why not? So here I am :)--with pumpkin tattoos...I had this prepared since september...you know, so i could post it on Halloween day...but then everything got complicated and the time passed...--I can't wait to post it on next October...I just can't :) I'll think about something else for this Halloween :) don't worry ;)

Let's start the post as usual...(I really missed this;)

Pumpkin have always been a symbol of darkness and mystery...and then it's related to the harvest and all its meaning: Thanksgiving, peace, Fall, holidays, good luck, prosperity, abundance...
And...we can't forget the pumpkin pie...of course we couldn't..:)

Here I leave some black and white tattoos for you to enjoy :)


Well, I guess the most common type of pumpkin tattoo is the coloured one...with orange and green and all the colours you can choose... :)

If you prefer the pumpkin as an element of the tattoo, here I leave a few you might like:

If all that pumpkins weren't enough or they wasn't what you were looking for,  I got something for you--> Animals and pumpkins...there are a lot of examples of pumpkins and animals... It gives the tattoo a different meaning depending on the animal you choose, of course...and there is a lot of options...you'll see..

And last but not least--> pumpkins and cartoons... Nightmare before Christmas is the best example...isn't it? But there ar more of them...

-This is my favourite, without hesitation, so lovely-

 Hey, and what about pumpkin pie...and all pumpkin sweets...they deserve something too, right?

 I really enjoyed doing this...thanks for reading me folks! It's a shame we are not in Halloween, it isn't pumpkin season either...but I hope you liked it! :)

Hey, if you have some suggestion about tattoos or a theme for some post or you want me to talk about something...just write a comment! Be the first one! :) Hihihi...

 Have a good morning! With love, your Valkyrie :);)

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