Dog Tattoos-

Well, here it is! The first section on this blog!...

You wanna make you a tattoo with you favourite pet: your dog? That pet that loves you so much? Or you want to get some girls with your cool tattoo, roarR roAr!!? But you never made you a tattoo, or you don't how to do it well... Here I leave you some ideas, so you can make that tattoo you've being waiting for so long a masterpiece! :)
 A tattoo of a dog represent loyalty, intelligence and vigilance. In some cultures dogs are usually depicted as a guide to the afterlife for the dead.
 Thanks for reading me>!

The most simple tattoo is always a "black&white" tattoo, in this way is impossible to not choose good...
More white, more black, light grey... Ever with two colors to choose the changes from a tattoo to other are huge... The first one looks like a photo!

If those are too dark, lifeless, or "black&white" style it's not your type... you can have an idea with these colorful tattoos. Enjoy!
Big heads, few colors, realistic, watercolor style, with a colorful background... whatever!

You feel like your dog behave acts like a human... Or your pet was your best friend, maybe you want to inmortalize it with something human...! Give it a try! :)
A mous, a guy with tie, smoking weed, inside a mirror or a photo, with wings, laughing...

Maybe this tattos are too childish (I'm sure you are thinking in the second last... yeah, I know;) and you want to show off a scary dog in your arm (or wherever) I have the solution! :) Here come a pack rabid dogs!
Open mouths, big teeths... exactly the kind of dog you would like to met on every corner of your neighborhood...right? Some of these are colorful, other have a dark background... The last one looks like a wolf! I love it<!

You like cartoons and you want a cartoon-dog, here I let you some ideas,

 Well, and finally two special tattoos, they are beautiful for me, I hope you like it too :)

Here I leave a clever idea if you don't where to put your doggy...

Those tattoos are too elaborated and you want something simple right? -->
Sometimes the most simple is the best...

If you prefer to get a tattoo of something of your dog, not of him... I can help you! :)
Its paws are the best and the more used... But you can tattoo whatever you want, Be Unique! ;)

Well, I finished with dogs for today... Puff, real tired...! :) I'll make a entry for footprints soon, so if you want more footprints-tattoos, you  know where to find them! :))

Hey!, Did you know that Chris Núñez (you should know him from Miami Ink) tattooed his dog??
I don't find a photo of his pitbull, but I know it coz he said it in Miami Ink... so you know where to find it! :))

P.S.:I'll make a entry, for sure! (I'll say again Miami Ink <3)

See You, and comment me pleasse! ;)

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