Key Tattoos-

Good Afternoon to everyone! :) Today is a grey day, it's raining and the sun is completely hide, but "After a storm always there's a sun" :) Well, I'm gonna start with the theme... Today I bring to you Key Tattoos, Happy? I hope so. We don't hear about them a lot but they're very used. They are cool! I'll tell what does it means: It give a special value to private things. If the key has a heart near, it means that you find, or you're searching your true love. It represent a step from one phase to another.
If you like its meaning... here I leave some examples of what I was talking. Enjoy it!

There are simple and black designs that doesn't call the atencion but they're cool and tinny. They don't take much space:) The last two tattoos are the exception. The las is in red, but is little and the penultimate is something, not a tattoo... a scar? I guess...- If you know what it is-Tellme please...

Then come the more elaborated designs... And bigger tatttoos too.

Maybe you prefer something with some decorations- loops, birds, stars.. that kind of things.
If a bird is carrying the key, it can mean FREEDOM- <3

If an owl is a part of the key, or it's carrying it, or whatever... It mean that this is the key of wisdom--

And finally the key that open our heart, the true love... you know, all that stuff :)

Well, I finished for today! :) I hope you love it! I'll do a post for padlocks, they are cute and they have a great meaning, similar to keys... It's normal that a couple get this type of tattoos--> the boyd a padlock (for example) and the girl a key, but it's usually of the reverse... I will do it soon... :) Thanks for reading me! I really apreciate it... even if you don't write any comment, I guess that means "everything is ok" or "I like it"... I don't know, but thanks for "listen me" :) You know what I'm talking about ;) See you tomorrow!!!


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