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Hello, hello everyone... The last week I wasn't on my town so, I couldn't write. :(. But here I am again! Today I'll make a beautiful entry... I made dogs' entry so today I'll make cats' entry. TACHAN! ;) Today I'm a little bit crazy!
When youthink about a cat you can imagine a perverse black cat, or a cute kitty, or you can think about you pet. A cat tattoo represent personal indepence, rapid recovery and freedom of thought. So, if you have all that characteristics you can think about get a cat tattoo.
But if you want to get a tattoo of a black cat you should know that it symbolizes the attraction of the occult, the witchcraft or spiritual beliefs, and pagan religions. It can symbolize a belief in feminism and indepence from male domination...  Enjoy the post!

As I always do... I'll start with the simple and "black&white" style. So you can inmortalize your pet like a memory, like a... old memory. Some of them got a  little bit of colour... As you can see, there so many types of cats that your tattoo can be unique.

Okey, the tattoos above are fine, but I want get a tattoo of my cat being special... Being a human, doing human stuff... Here I let a couple of special examples, most of them are sorrounded of flowers, that may represent, the circle of life (birth, life, reproduction, death and rebirth)... but it depends on the flower they chose.

I love black cats, don't you? They are surrounder of mystery and are a symbol of bad omen. But they have their history. Supersticious people hate them... poor kitties.
Sat on their moon, watching the world; giving silent steps; looking at you with their big eyes; bristling cats... You can choose whatever you want you'll find it...

Maybe you want something different, like your cat's whiskers or a white small cat or a mad cat or its footprints or you want a chinese cat saying "Hello" with its paw or you just want to have the word CAT...
Take a look. :)

-I put this photo coz it's a great place to get tattooed doesn't it?-

You want to have a tattoo of you favourite cartoon and, of course, it's a cat... I have some pictures of some tattoos of cartoons but if your favourite cartoon isn't here COMMENT and I'll make a whole post for it!
These are the most known cats ever... I suppose...
But I'll make an entry for the most known and used-->

-Hello Kitty-
So many dresses to choose, or just her face or her beautiful and famous loop...

Always doing disasters, why not?

A blue cat? Since when cats are blue? But he's nice, isn't he?

I love this chubby orange cat... I like the way he smiles :)

This cat appears on Tom & Jerry... I'm sure you know it.

-Top Cat-
It's a yellow cat with hat...A purple hat and a friend call Benny...

Most known as Felix The Cat, it's a simple cartoon, black and white but with a red tongue...

 -The Aristocats-
Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz are three cute little kitties from the Disney's movie that made us laught and feel sad. For some of us they mean a lot...

-The Cat in the Hat-
Smart and curious cat with a fancy hat on its head... --> Cool boy

-Puss In Boots- 
Shrek 2 character, a nice kitty, nice looking... but he's a fierce knight.

Yoou may know him from The Simpsons--> Krusty the clown Show--> Itschy & Scratchy
He has a (hum hum)... friend: Itschy, a mouse. They are like two nice neighbors, to call it somehow...

-Chesire Cat-
I guess this is the second most famous cat of our time... It appears on Alice In Wonderland<3
It can be represent of many ways, you'll see--

 We got the old version->

The new version->

And, finally, the weird and unique versions->

Thanks for reading me today, it's good to be back :) Fellows, don't be shy and comment! See you tomorrow guys! :)

P.D.: I promised I would do a entry of footprints when I talked about dogs... I'll put cats' footprints too. Soon. Have a nice Day! :)

With Love, a lot of love, Valkyrie! :)

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