Feather Tattoos-

Good morning, again! Thanks for reading me! Well, the sction for today talks about feathers, yeah feathers. Maybe you want to get a tattoo of a feather cos it remains you to something like: a letter, a bird, to be ticklish... Feathers represent the ability to take flight spiritual, emotional and creative level.
Here I let some ideas... :)

I'll start with the small, "black&white" style, let's see:
There are different types of feathers--> longs, bended...

Black and white are too dark and simple... Let's put a little of color!
I leave some peacock feathers, some birds feathers with some decorations and birds, in other photos feathers are used to create bigger drawings...


-This tatto is a big one-

People like feathers turning into birds, it's a beautiful way to paint your body, here I leave some examples.
Some of them are similar, in one of them there butterflies instead of birds, "free yourself" is the most used phrase...

The dreamcatchers are used too... I leave you some tattoos!!
They represent protection, the net catch the good ideas and the hole in the middle let throught bad ideas.

In some tattoos the feather is writing something. It has to be very important, like a phrase that changed our life, our motto... or it can be the lyrics of our favourite song :)

Feathers can be used to make wings, (I'll make a bigger section about wings soon)

I finished with feathers, by now...(chan chan channnn) ;)

There are some famous with this kind of tattoos, I'll show you three of them :) Enjoy it!

-Miley Cyrus has a dreamcatcher-

-Zac Efron has two feathers on his right arm-

-Here we can see them better-

-Liam Payne (from 1D) has a feather, too-

-This guy up here is Liam-

If you want a feather tattoo you can search a bird you like and copy its feathers, so you'll be different of the rest...

Thank for reading me, comment!
See you guys!!

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