Matthew Fox BDay-

Good Morning Everyone! Today is the birthday of Matthew Fox: Happy Birthday!! :)
My present is this page, where I'm gonna talk about him, and (of course) about his tattooos ;) Enjoy!

Matthew (Chandler) Fox (born July 14, 1966 on Pennsylvania) is an american actor most known for his role on Lost--> Jack Shepard. Today he already has 47 years old! Congratulations!

This is Matthew!

Now I'm gonna start with him tattoos (he has a lot of them)...

-Here you can see a skull on his right arm-

-This tattoo appears on Lost and he tell us "its meaning": <<He walks between us but he isn't one of us>>-

-Here he shows some tattoos with shinny colors: skulls, smoke and stars...-

-We don't know the meanig of he letters (B & C) and the 5-

-On his right arm you can see a fish (?) and on the left arm a shinny word-

-That tattoo looks like a flower-

-Stars, fire and waves...-

-Some kind of shadows-

-Here you can see his left arm tricep tattoo, it looks like some kind of fish-

-You can see another angle of his right arm tattoo, full of purple-

Well, thanks for reading me and have a nice day! Comment! :)

Have a nice day you too Matthew!

See you

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