Compass Tattoos-

Good Morning People! :) Today its sunny! Wouuh! Like we were on summer. I really miss summer... School is boring. Well, I'm gonna talk about a kind of tattoos, beautiful tattoos by the way, with one of my favourite meaning...  Maritime inspiration. The sailors used a compass and a star to guide themselves through they tides.
So... If you really like what it means... you know what to do. I leave you some!

Compass roses are common too...so, just watch--> ;)
There are different colours and designs... you choose!


Now it's time for compasses... I hope you enjoy it! Straight to North!


Other ways...
-A swallow was the first sign that land was near. (Bluebirds and sparrows too) So it doesn't look bad with a compass.
-A ship could mean that you're proud of have a past with the sea. fisherman, sailor... Or just like Black Pearls.. but It's a good design... better near a compass.-"homeward bound"
-The world or a map--> All around the world. It's obvious. If you have a map and a compass you know where to go...you can see the entire world! 
Same examples here.

And, finally a couple of famous that like this kind of tattoos..
-Jay Mcguiness, a member of Tee Wanted has a compass rose-
-This is the one-

-Louis Tomlinson (1D) has a compass on his arm-
-Here it is-

Well, I hope you like this one, and you tell me. Thanks, again for reading me and... See You Later! ;)

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