Bat Tattoos-

Hello, hello I know it's been a while since the last time I wrote. But here I am again! :) I beeen enjoying my summer but I missed this. Write. Well... I want to begin saying: "THANKS" "For reading me so much!!! :)
Maybe I don't have a lot of followers, you know, tattoos do not like everyone and I have only amde 9 post, this is the tenth(:) so THANKS, you don't really know how much this means to me!
... Well, I finished with cheesy thing, know I'm going to start with real thing... Bats! Bats tattoos aren't common on the tattoos world, maybe cause they have a bad-bad reputation and they are not specially pretty but there are some... always there are, sometimes just oneperson, people that do it.!

Okey, it's meaning... what you were waiting for... it's related to adaptability and survival and whatever releated to family, coz they live on large colonies. But the meaning changes from one country to another...longevity, happiness, good luck, the symbol of the soul, a cunning spirit... In Tonga it's a sacred animal; for Mayas it's a symbol of death and gods of Underworld. The bat is a symbol of victory... or dead. All depends on the way you see it. Batman can be your inspiration.
Choose the meaning you want to choose and let's see the examples! :)

I will divide the pictures on three blocks. And I'll start with the simplest one, like always. My custom:)
Little bat tattoos are the most used, a shadow of a bat... black is the most wanted colour, but there are exception right?

Then we have the more details version. Big bats, and with expresion on their faces!

And, finally I let some bat-wings for you--
You can combine bat wings and another drawing and you'll get something special. Unique.

 If Batman is your inspiration, here I leave a couple of tattoos that you may like...


Thank you for reading me today! I hope you like it. And if you want me to talk about some kind of tattoo leave a comment! :)

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Smile life--


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